• Promotion of Sports
  • Adequate facilities for sports training have been provided in all the institutions of Bharati Vidyapeeth. Additionally, a Trust namely Bharati Krida Pratishthan was established by Dr. Kadam to promote sports, sports medicine and research. Its main objective is to promote national and international sports and train the youth in the urban and rural areas to be competent sports persons. It also organizes sports meets, training camps and workshops on sports.

    In addition, facilities for fitness, health check-ups and consultation to the players through Health Clubs are also provided. Various research projects on sports medicine with a view to bring about improvement in fitness and quality of players have been undertaken.

    Bharati Vidyapeeth runs a College of Physical Education also. In the recent years "Abhijit Kadam Memorial Foundation" which is a sister trust of Bharati Vidyapeeth has made concerted efforts to give a boost to Foot ball.

    Bharati Vidyapeeth has contributed its share for the promotion of applied arts, painting and sculpture through its colleges of these disciplines. "Kala Academy" which Dr. Kadam has established conducts various types of activities for the promotion of performing arts and literature. It also organizes various cultural events and also sponsors them.
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