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During the last 59 years, Bharati Vidyapeeth has made astonishing strides in the field of education, particularly, higher and professional education. Today Bharati Vidyapeeth conducts more than 156 educational units of various kinds, right from pre-primary schools to postgraduate institutions and a full fledged professional university (BVDU).
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Sagareshwar Cooperative Spinning Mill

Sagareshwar Sahakari Soot Girni Kadegaon (Dist. Sangli)
(Sagareshwar Co-operative Spinning Mill)

Well informed with practical wisdom as he is, Dr. Kadam realized that the key to the growth of rural economy is an emphasis on agro base industries. Keeping this in view, he started this co-operative spinning mill at Kadegaon (Dist. Sangli) in 1995 with 5700 farmers as its members and a share capital of Rs. 2 crores.

This entire project is of 25,000 spindles involving total investment of Rs. 42 crores. The number of spindles went on increasing initially from 1,000 in 1997 to 2,168 in March 2006. The average production of yarn per month is in the tune of 2.9 lakhs kilos.

The Mill is housed in a beautiful building. With a view to reduce the dependency on the electricity supplied by the State Electricity Board, which is becoming increasingly expensive, the Mill has started its own electricity producing wind power unit of one mega volt strength.
The Mill has established its reputation in the cloth manufacturing industry for the excellent yarn it produces at minimum costs. The Mill has won a state award as the Best Administered unit of the year in 2005.

The Mill has provided sources of income directly and indirectly to thousands of families in the rural region. It is working as a promoting agency for such other units as of ginning, pressing and knitting.
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