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About Bharati Vidyapeeth
During the last 59 years, Bharati Vidyapeeth has made astonishing strides in the field of education, particularly, higher and professional education. Today Bharati Vidyapeeth conducts more than 156 educational units of various kinds, right from pre-primary schools to postgraduate institutions and a full fledged professional university (BVDU).
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Upliftment of Rural people

Bharati Vidyapeeth is more than an educational institution. Its motto is to bring about Social Transformation Through Dynamic Education. It has a deep concern for the all sided development of rural people. The main task which it has undertaken is to create developmental orientation among the rural people and to provide facilities and guidance to them in bringing about self-development. It propagates among the farmers through its institutions, improved methods of agriculture, and knowledge of recent technology and better methods of cultivation.

Dr. Kadam has established "The Foundation for Rural Development" which runs a rural development centre at Kadegaon. There it has its own spacious building. This Centre has become a venue for the cultivators to come together, to exchange their ideas and experiences with each other, as well as, for training and other purposes. The Foundation has started a programme for integrated rural development. The main object of this programme is to bring about all round development of the rural community in general.

A regional development project has been undertaken by the Foundation in Chinchani-Wangi village. This programme covers economic, health care, educational aspects of rural life.
For Spread of Education in Rural Areas
Bharati Vidyapeeth has a firm conviction that it is through the spread of education in rural areas that the real social, cultural, economic transformation of rural people can be brought about. So the rural people and rural regions have always been at the focus of programmes and activities of Bharati Vidyapeeth. As in urban areas, Bharati Vidyapeeth has also started pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, in rural areas of Maharashtra. Some of them are situated in very remote, inaccessible areas. All these schools have their own buildings and ample other infrastructure I facilities. All of them have very good academic track record. Bharati Vidyapeeth has taken education to the doorsteps of rural people in the real sense of terms.
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