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About Bharati Vidyapeeth
During the last 59 years, Bharati Vidyapeeth has made astonishing strides in the field of education, particularly, higher and professional education. Today Bharati Vidyapeeth conducts more than 156 educational units of various kinds, right from pre-primary schools to postgraduate institutions and a full fledged professional university (BVDU).
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About India

India is the largest sub-continent and enjoys one of the best-educated human resource powers in the world. India is a land of wide diversity and yet unified. India is known to have a very vibrant political, social, cultural and educational standing. The Indian subcontinent with an age-old history is a civilization united by its diversity. Experience the richness of culture, the glory of the past, the turbulences and triumphs, the landmarks of each era, the achievements of each age and the legacy of the regime. As you walk through history, through India's geography, through the religious, linguistic and artistic chapters, your interpretation will be your very own discovery.

Indian civilization is one of the ancient civilizations in the world. Its Scriptures, Vedas and Upa-Nishada, written by different sages, embody the knowledge of the universe. While other contemporary civilizations perished in the course of time, Indian civilization, because of its strong foundation of rich culture and profound knowledge, has continued to live in spite of several foreign invasions. Even in those ancient days, when there was no convenient mode of transport, when travel was hazardous, people from far off countries travelled all the way to India to explore the myth of India. Its early seats of learning at Nalanda and Takshashila attracted knowledge-thirsty students from different parts of the world.

India is a modernized country with a rich cultural heritage. It has assimilated good aspects of western culture, their scientific outlook, but has not cut off its linkages with the past. Today, our educational scenario is a timely blended mixture of old moral values and modern science and technology. Hence, living in India is a thrilling and rewarding experience for those coming from a different culture. India offers a wide range of educational opportunities and avenues to the students. There are colleges and institutions of a variety of disciplines and faculties from which to choose. As the horizon of knowledge expands, there is a continuous expansion of the educational network in response to it.

Today, India is the world's largest democracy, with nearly a billion population of different ethnic backgrounds, culture, speaking different languages, practicing different religions and enjoys unity in diversity. A free and vibrant press and an independent judiciary are pillars of strength of our democracy. The country is proud of its ancient civilisation and its rich, composite cultural heritage.

Almost all the bigger towns and cities in India are well connected with each other by rail, road and air. All the modern facilities and amenities, which make the life comfortable, are easily available in these cities at a reasonable cost. Socio-cultural life, particularly in bigger cities is relatively more westernized and so the life situations, which the student comes to experience here, are quite comforting. We may go on adding more and more about it but one cannot get the real feel of India merely through such narratives. One has to live in India to experience its real warmth, vitality and cultural richness.

Realizing the significance of education and educational institutions in the nation building, India after independence-established universities, colleges, training and research institutes. This network of educational institutions is one among the largest in the world. It is, therefore, not surprising that India has become a reputed and much sought after and favoured educational destination for the aspiring overseas students across the world. India's excellent academic institutions provide updated education, a safe and quiet campus atmosphere, the traditional Indian hospitality and rich cultural heritage, which all together add to India's attraction.

In most of the institutions of higher education in India, English is a medium of instruction. Many of these institutions are seats of excellent education. A large section of India's population can communicate with others through English. The English language press in India is very strong and a large number of books, journals, magazines, newspapers are published in English and the International students generally do not experience any difficulty in communicating with others in their surroundings.

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